Reiki: About The Base or Root Chakra

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Reiki: About The Base or Root Chakra

The base chakra is called MULADHARA, which means ‘root’ or ‘foundation’ in Sanskrit. Red is the longest wavelength of light that we can perceive. It is reputedly one of the first colors we see when we open our eyes as babies, and it is also one of the colors that can be restored to the color blind with laser surgery. The color red is a complex symbol of blood, birth, anger, passion, life and death in human psychology. In a vast array of Neolithic graves from various countries, red ocher has been found at the site. Either stored in pots, or dusted over the deceased, the red paint is an emblem of passing and a life of belonging. Red ocher or iron oxide was one of the first paints used by humanity.

The root chakra is located at the tailbone - right at the end of the spinal column. This is where the three main nadis begin the Ida, Pingala and Sushumma combine to form the kundalini energy base. Tribal instincts form here, whom we feel most comfortable, our connections to our surroundings, and our grounding or stability, start with this chakra. Safety and fear of being hurt both psychologically and physically start in this region. Physically, this chakra governs our sense of smell, our large intestine and ability to process elimination, our bones and our adrenal glands i.e., our fight or flight response all derive from this chakra.

When this chakra is out of balance, you may find you are fearful of people or situations. You may feel or act flighty rather than grounded, and you may find that physical reality is boring. If you’re tired, suffer lower backaches, bloating or feel like you’re ‘carrying a heavy load’, it could be time for a chakra adjustment.

To harmonize this area, we need to listen to the beat of our heart, calm ourselves and allow our consciousness to affect the world. We belong where we are because we have something to learn from where we are. Try not to let painful events overwhelm you, rather remember that there is a cycle to all things. The passage of time will allow new growth and change to take place, concentrate on grounding where you are. Foster the health of your base chakra with a hearty meal. Pasta with tomatoes and red wine will help ground you. Share it with friends to help foster belonging, and learn to relax. You do belong, and belonging brings grounding.



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