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What Does Potency Mean In Homeopathic Remedies?

Quick Guide to Homeopathic Potencies

Sometimes figuring out which potency is best for you when using homeopathic remedies can be confusing. The dosage and recommended time intervals for taking the remedy should be on the remedy container but here's a quick guide to help you understand what the general guidelines advise:
Low potency remedies (6x, 12x, 6c and 12c) affect the body organs and address symptoms of acute conditions. Frequency of doses is usually every 15 minutes initially stretching into every 4 hours until symptoms lessen.
Medium potency (30x and 30c) affect body organs, plus senses and nervous system. These remedies are aimed at handling symptoms of chronic conditions. These remedies are taken once a day to three times a day.
The higher the number of the potency, the more diluted that specific remedy is, thus giving it stronger properties to address and correct your problem.
Whether the remedy is in pellet or pill form, I have always found the various remedies to be easy to take and eases me out of my ailment with no side effects.

How Do I Treat Symptoms From Head Injuries, Including Depression?

Homeopathy, Head Injury & Depression

*Always consult a doctor regarding a head injury - and once properly diagnosed, these homeopathic remedies may help ease symptoms:

*Cicuta should be considered if a person develops epilepsy or convulsions after a head or spinal injury.
*Aurum is useful for people who experience depression as a result of a head injury. This remedy commonly heals the head pain, depression, and suicidal thoughts.
*Hypericum is indicated for head injuries in which the person experiences sharp and/or shooting pains.

Dosage recommendations are to take the 6, 12, or 30th potency every 15 minutes initially the first few hours after an injury. After this, a dose every 2 hours is recommended for severe pain - or every 4 hours for less severe pain. Discontinue taking when pain becomes mild or non-existant. People treating old head injuries should take the 30th potency 3 times a day for 2 days, or fewer doses if the symptoms disappear.

What Homeopathic Remedies Help Pinkeye?

Homeopathy For Conjunctivitis

Pinkeye is a miserable ailment to deal with, but homeopathic remedies can help ease some of the discomfort. Try Pulsatilla for the eye with thick, yellow, itchy discharge. Apis Mellifica for the puffy, pink, watery eye, accompanied by stinging and burning -and Natrum Muriaticum for the eye with swollen lids, burning tears and a feeling that the eyes are bruised. Follow dosage directions on vial.

Is Arnica Good For Migraine Pain?

Arnica Montana For Burning Type Migraine

Arnica Montana, best known for its power in helping muscle strains, is also effective in treating a migraine that presents itself with a burning sensation in the head - almost as if the brain itself is hot - but the rest of the body feels cool. This type of migraine can result from a head injury such as a concussion. It can also have aching pain centered over the eyes, which radiates to the temples. Pain shoots through the head from coughing or sneezing. Remedy dose can be 6x, 12x or 30x, every hour for severe pain - or every 4 hours for medium pain. Discontinue when relief is felt.

Why Should I Try Homeopathic Remedies For Migraines?

Why Homeopathy for Migraines?

Homeopathy is a form of "energy" medicine, which like traditional Chinese Medicine uses substances to stimulate your own innate power to heal. Homeopathic medicine is often touted as the "medicine of the 20th century" by its proponents because it uses miniscule doses of plants, minerals or animal parts to produce remedies with very little resultant environmental damage. There have been no side effects reported with use of homeopathic remedies.

How Can I Use Oscillococcinum To Treat The Flu?

Fending off the Flu

At the first sign of flu-like symptoms (fever, chills, body aches and pains) take Oscillococcinum. Don't let the peculiar name throw you. This homeopathic remedy has been used for over 40 years in Europe with impressive results and is manufactured in accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopia of the United States. It has been used by over 43 million people in over 63 countries.

Oscillococcinum contains very small doses of specific, diluted, flu-related active subtances, which in turn stimulate your natural defense mechanisms. The remedy treatment comes in three vials of sweet tasting pellets you simply allow to dissolve under your tongue every 6 hours. There are NO known side effects, overdosage or drug interaction risks associated with this product and it is deemed safe for children over the age of two. Oscillococcinum is becoming readily available at drug stores, health food stores or you can order it through the Health4Her link in my "Bio" area.

Folks with heart disease, hypertension, glaucoma, thyroid or kidney disorders or asthma and those who cannot use antihistamines should consult with their doctors before using.

How Do I Use Homeopathy To Treat A Concussion?

Homeopathy & Head Injuries

If you've been diagnosed with a concussion, Arnica is the FIRST remedy to consider for acute pain, shock, and trauma felt immediately after any type of head injury. Take the 6, 12, or 30th potency every 15 minutes the first couple of hours. After this, a dose every 2 hours is recommended for severe pain - or every 4 hours for less severe pain. Discontinue taking when pain becomes mild or nonexistent.

What PMS Symptoms Does Sepia Help?

Sepia & PMS

If your PMS symptoms include severe headache, sensitive tastebuds when eating salty foods and you experience the sensation that the contents of your pelvis are about to drop out, you may want to try the homeopathic remedy Sepia. Other symptoms may include feeling cold, worn out and feelings of dislike for your family - but, irritability and sadness can be improved if you get off your fanny and incorporate exercise and movement into your life. Take Sepia (30x or 30C) three times a day starting about 10 days before your period. Discontinue this schedule once symptoms disappear but start again if they resurface.

How Can I Use Arnica For Bruises?

Arnica for Your Aches and Bruises

Arnica montana is the number one homeopathic remedy for bruises and it helps strengthen blood vessels and aids in the absorption of blood. It's effective in tablet and cream form but works best when you use both. Arnica should not be used on broken skin. Use the 6, 12, 30th, or even higher potency (preferably the 30th or higher) in pill or pellet form as soon as possible after the injury. Repeat as needed every 30 minutes for the first few doses, and if more is necessary, increase by one hour the time in between doses (at first it will be every 2 hours, then every 3 hours, ect.)Use the cream according to directions on package. Our family has used this for pulled, over-exerted muscles, bruises and bumps, an its effect is generally fast acting and even helps black and blue marks fade faster. It's available at health food stores and it fast, easy and safe for everyone over the age of 2.

Is Pulsatilla Helpful For PMS?

Pulsatilla For PMS

Pulsatilla is the homeopathic remedy for you if your PMS symptoms include a shooting pains in the neck & upper back, a lack of thirst, accompanied by a partial loss of sense of taste. You may also feel very moody, cry a lot and desire a great show of sympathy from those around you. Your symptoms seem to improve if you make the effort to go outdoors. If you fall into this category, Pulsatilla (30x or 30c) may be the answer to help you deal and control your PMS bouts. Start taking the remedy 3 times a day about 10 days before your period. Follow this schedule monthly until symptoms improve and then discontinue unless problems start up again.

Can Homeopathy Help Constipation?

Homeopathic Help for Acute Constipation

Acute constipation can be helped often times through dietary means like adding more fiber and extra liquids to the diet, or by using herbal remedies. Homeopathic remedies can also offer relief and some of the most common remedies are Nux vomica, Bryonia and Calcarea carb.
Nux vomica is best for the person who has constant urges to pass stool but is unable to do so. Bryonia is the remedy of choice when the mouth, anus and stool is excessively dry. Calcarea carb is generally used for those considered overweight and experience heartburn and sour burping.
You should need to take only between 3 and 6 doses of the 6, 12 or 30th potency in 12 hours. If no changes have occurred consider another remedy.

Is Natrum Muriaticum Helpful in PMS?

Natrum Muriaticum For PMS

If when PMS enters your life with feelings of complete irritability, moodiness and a blinding headache and you develop a real desire for salted food, the recommended homeopathic remedy is Natrum Muriaticum (30x or 30c potency) This is also helpful if your stomach becomes distended and if your heart feels fluttery and palpitations occur. Symptoms best treated with Natrum muriaticum usually peak around 10-11 a.m. - and get worse from noise, mental exertion and consolation.

Is Apis Mellicum Helpful For A Stabbing Migraine?

Apis Mellifica & Migraine Pain

Apis Mellifica is best suited for a migraine that is primarily located in the back of your head, with occasional sharp stabs and pains like bee stings. You sweat easily but have no thirst, and the pain is made worse from heat. Cold air and cold compresses offer temporary relief. Use 6x, 12x or 30x every hour for intense pain or every 4 hours for medium pain. Discontinue when signs of relief are noticed.

How Can I Use Homeopathy For Colds?

Homeopathy and Colds

Vitamin C is valuable in fighting off colds, but your weakened immune system can also benefit by taking Aconite, a remedy sometimes called the homeopathic Vitamin C. Recommended use is to take the 30th potency every two hours at the beginning of a cold for three or four doses and then one dose every four hours. Relief should be noticeable within a few hours or after a night's sleep. You should not have to take a remedy for more than two days. If improvement isn't felt by this remedy in 24 hours, then try another homeopathic remedy such as such as Allium cepa for profuse nasal discharge or Eupatorium perf for hoarseness and cough that gets worse in cold air, muscle aches, bone pain, fever and morning chill.

What Homeopathic Remedy Helps Hangovers?

Homeopathy For Hangovers

Although a hangover is technically caused by your body`s reaction to the invading alcohol toxin and a form of dehydration, you can prepare your body beforehand by drinking some extra water and taking some extra vitamin C.

It`s important to AVOID reaching for the aspirin and instead reach for White Willow, the herbal aspirin, along with a cup a chamomile tea. This is something your already stressed digestive system will thank you for almost immediately. Green tea may also help since it is thought to stabilize blood sugar, although be advised, it contains caffeine.

Other herbs that help ease the discomfort of a hangover include Skullcap and Ginseng, which cool your overheated gastric juices, energize the nervous system and detoxify. But if you really want to take care of business, Milk Thistle is the king of liver toxifying herbs. Nausea can be treated with the homeopathic remedy Nux Vomica, which comes in drops or tablets or if you are a fan of ginger, a cup of ginger tea works wonders for the stomach. This comes in tea bags or you can make your own by slicing gingerroot (2 or 3 nickel-size slices) and boiling them with a cup of water. Let the slices steep in the water about 10 minutes, then remove them before pouring tea into your cup.

What Type Of Migraine Does Aconitum Napellus Help?

Aconitum Napellus & Migraine

If your migraine comes with great violence, producing a wild, tearing, burning sensation in the brain & scalp, accompanied by fever, anguish and throbbing in the left forehead and strong beats in the right side or a feeling of your skull being constricted by a tight band, Aconitum Napellus may help you. Improvement is usually noticed after 3 doses of the 6, 12, or 30th potency, which may be taken every hour for intense pain and every 4 hours for mild discomfort. Stop taking it whenever some degree of relief is experienced.

How Can I Use Homeopathic Remedies To Ease Arrhythmias?

Homeopathy & Arrhythmias

If you suffer from mild arrhythmias, you might find help in controlling the palpitations by using the homeopathic remedies Lachesis, Digitalis and Aconite. It is best to consult with a homeopathic doctor to establish the best dosages for your condition.

How Can I Use Calcarea Carbonica Help Acne?

Calcarea Carbonica For Acne

If a person with frequent pimples and skin eruptions is chilly with clammy hands & feet, tires easily from exertion, and is overweight, the best homeopathic remedy to try is Calcarea Carbonica. People who need this remedy are generally very anxious when overworked, and have cravings for sweets & eggs. Try using a lower potency such as 6C or 6x, following doses recommended on vial.

How Do I Ease Dizziness Caused By Head Injury?

Homeopathy, Head Injury & Dizziness

*Always consult a doctor regarding a head injury - and if you've been diagnosed as having a concussion.

Cocculus is the leading remedy for dizziness after a head injury. Symptoms include feeling like the world is spinning and nausea when moving around. Take the 6, 12, or 30th potency every 15 minutes the first few hours after an injury. Then, take a dose every 2 hours for severe pain - or every 4 hours for less severe pain. Discontinue taking when pain becomes mild or non-existant. *People treating old head injuries should take the 30th potency 3 times a day for 2 days, or fewer doses if the symptoms disappear.

Is Lachesis Mutus Helpful In PMS?

Lachesis Mutus For PMS

If your PMS symptoms include a headache that is worst in the morning and clothing feels uncomfortable around your waist, in addition to developing a jealous, vindictive unreasonable nature - you may want to try Lacesis mutus. This homeopathic remedy (potency 30x or 30C) is recommended to best deal with these symptoms.
This is available at most health food stores or online.

Is Belladona Helpful For Violent, Fast Hitting Migraines?

Beladonna For the Violent Migraine

If you experience a migraine that crashes into your head violently, causing your brain to throb and feels as though a knife is slicing through your skull, Belladonna is a remedy you should try. This is especially effective for headaches made worse from noise, stooping over or walking. Slight relief can come from lying down, putting pressure onto the head area or leaning the head back. Remedy dose can be 6x, 12x, or 30x, once an hour for intense pain or once every 4 hours for medium pain.

How Can I Best Choose Homeopathic Remedies For Bursitis?

Homeopathy For Bursitis Pain

Homeopathic remedies may help ease bursitis pain but these remedies are aimed at specific type symptoms. The more specific the symptoms you are experiencing, the better you can narrow down the best choice of remedy to treat your condition.

The most common remedies are as follows: Arnica montana for bursitis caused by injury or strain. Belladonna for bursitis with a sensation of heat, throbbing & intense discomfort at touch. Byronia for tearing type pain that is made worse by motion or warmth. Ferrum phosphoricum for inflammation affecting the right shoulder accompanied by pain that shoots down to the neck and sometimes even the wrist. Rhus toxicodendron for bursitis with stiffness & pain made worse during sleep, cold and damp. Ruta graveolens for acute bursitis with swelling, aching pain and stiffness. Sanguinara canadensis for bursitis that makes lifting the arm difficult & very painful, with the pain made worse when lying down in bed. Sulfur for bursitis affecting the left shoulder, with burning pain & inflammation increased by standing, bathing & warmth.
Follow dosage directions on container.

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